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FJM, Rhythmical Massage Therapy

Foot Joint Mobilisation

When upright, the body is reliant on the foot for balance and stability. If any of the 28 bones in the feet are incorrectly aligned the whole body is affected. The knee can rotate inwards; this then affects the hip, which in turn effects the back, groin and stomach muscles.

This abnormal stress can radiate up to the neck and shoulders as the body attempts to

compensate for the incorrect alignment of the bones in the feet.

A safe surgical-free technique to amend abnormalities in the structure of the feet.

This technique is not painful, it is not massage, reflexology or using pressure points. It is encouragement of the bones to return to their original position.

A safe, surgical-free technique to help the body restore abnormalities in the structure of the feet that are caused mainly through the incomplete healing of injuries. This allows a shift of the bones in your feet. This in turn can cause an imbalance in the body structure, from the feet to the top of the head.

The Foot Joint Mobilisation Practitioner does not make claim to cure or diagnose.

Nor is Foot Joint Mobilisation a beauty treatment and does not make any promise of perfect feet, but offers an improvement and a level of comfort from the present state.

What Foot Joint Mobilisation can help with:

Back Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Hip Pain, Flat Feet, Shin Splints, Hammer Toes, Aching Feet, Bunions, Shoulder Pain.

  • Foot Joint Mobilisation

  • 30 MINS $50.00

Rhythmical Massage Therapy including Foot Bath & a Compress

This massage works into the body via the rhythms of the body (the rhythmic system), most tangibly manifest in breathing, digestion, heart rhythm, circulation, sleeping, warmth and the tone of the muscles.

Many of us are conscious of our experience of stress and its undermining effect on our emotional and physical health. We may have pain, we may feel ill, feel less able to ‘cope’, suffer insomnia, or we may be recovering from an illness, surgery, or we may have had an accident. The list goes on, but in all of these situations the balance of the nervous system and metabolic system is altered, and in all of these situations Rhythmical Massage Therapy can help the body restore its balance.

How can it help me?

Broadly speaking illness falls into two categories, acute and chronic. If our underlying state of health is good, recovery from illness is usually rapid. Sometimes, however, we may need some help to get better again and a short series of massage therapy treatments can restore the balance of good health.

With chronic ongoing conditions we have to find a way to keep the discomfort to a minimum, so we need to keep well, keep our stress levels low and take care of our well being. Rhythmical Massage Therapy does this.

Some conditions that respond well are listed below





Weak Immune System



Menstrual problems





Post Viral Fatigue

Post operative


Shock and trauma


Back problems


Before beginning the first treatment I ask various questions which will inform me about your wellbeing ie. Sleeping, digestion, breathing and circulation, as the individual’s variations of these systems give a good indication of the balance within the rhythmic system.

During a treatment I direct my attention to balancing the rhythmic system, so a back treatment will be followed by a selected area of the body such as the abdomen, legs and feet, or arms and may include what is termed a liver, spleen, or kidney treatment/compress.

Each appointment lasts approximately one hour.

About Rhythmical Massage

Rhythmical Massage Therapy was born out of the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and developed by Frau Dr. Ita Wegman and Frau Dr. Hauschka. The underlying principle is the view that as human beings we are made of physical, life, soul and spiritual forces and when these forces are working in balance we enjoy good health.

When these forces are out of balance ill health and un-ease are a consequence. Each of us is unique and as a massage therapist I work to restore balance.

  • Rhythmical Massage Therapy
  • 60 MINS $ 90.00

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